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ModCenter: Combination Starters 
Made to Your Specifications - Quick, Easy, Efficient

Expanded Service Offering from Codale Electric Supply and Rockwell Automation

Codale Electric Supply and Rockwell Automation are proud to offer ModCenter services for an expedited solution for your next customized NEMA motor control project. ModCenter allows Codale to offer a quick-ship modified combination starter that is assembled by our in-house manufacturing services personnel, and procured from our extensive electrical and automation inventory.

What Are Your Requirements?

Do you require quick turnaround for motor control products? Would simplifying the process and hassle of ordering individual components line-item by line-item save you time and money on your next project? Do your completed installations require a high level of reliability and quality?

  • ModCenter products include combination starts, open and non-combination starters, and pump control panels. The image above shows some common components of a ModCenter project. Ordering a complete ModCenter package from Codale Electric Supply can reduce the complexity when ordering your next combination starter.
  • Codale is a Certified Allen-Bradley® ModCenter Distributor. As such, we are available for contractors and users who need NEMA products to meet immediate needs. We have the local capability to configure, build, and deliver products in a timely manner.
  • Combination starters configured with Allen-Bradley modification kits maintain all UL/cUL and CSA listings. Talk to your local Codale Automation Specialist team to learn more about documentation and listings.
Technical Solutions & Supply Chain Solutions

Using custom ModCenter services through Codale Electric Supply provides you with the flexibility you need for your built-to-order product, when you need it.

Codale’s highly-trained Automation Specialists can provide the technical assistance to help keep your ModCenter order hassle-free, and our in-house manufacturing services team will deliver the products and configurations you require.

What exactly can you expect from ModCenter?

  Starter Types:   Bulletin Numbers 512, 513, 1232X and 1233X (see chart at right)
  Enclosure Types:   Type 1 Painted Metal Enclosure
Type 3R/4/12 Painted Metal Enclosure
  Motor Voltage:   230V, 460V

- Disconnect switch provides short-circuit protection up to 200,000A with proper fusing
- Circuit breaker provides short-circuit protection up to 65,000A

 Available Modifications Minimize

Here are just some of the modifications available as add-ons to existing combination starters as part of the Certified Allen-Bradley ModCenter Distributor Program.

  • • Auxiliary Contact - Contactor
  • • Surge Suppressor
  • • Coil
  • • Fuse Clips
  • • Terminal Block
  • • Pilot Light
  • • Selector Switch
  • • Push Button
  • • Transformer - Top mounted fuse block
  • • Auxiliary Contact - Disconnect
  • • E1 Plus Overload Relay
  • • Circuit Breaker
  • • Auxiliary Contact - Circuit Breaker
  • • Relay
  • • Timing Relay
  • • Control Relay

Description NEMA
Starter Size
512  Non-Reversing Combination Starter w/Disconnect 1...4
513  Non-Reversing Combination Starter w/Circuit Breaker 1...4
1232X  Pump Control Panel w/Disconnect 1...5
1233X  Pump Control Panel w/Circuit Breaker  1...5

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