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Codale has proven capabilities within the rapidly growing Energy Services market, including the following products and technologies:

Daylight Harvesting
Daylight Harvesting is the process of taking the natural light that enters into a space during daylight hours and designing a lighting system around it. By using energy-efficient lighting fixtures and electronic ballasts and integrating daylight sensors into the control system, you can save up to 40-50% on annual lighting energy costs. Codale’s expert lighting specialists have the products and experience to aid you in harvesting this free and natural source of light.

Energy Audits
Our lighting specialists are adept at performing an energy audit of your facilities. We can provide an estimate of your annual energy savings and cost estimates for upgrades, and help you analyze your return on investment for the upgrades. By utilizing new technologies in lighting fixtures, ballasts, lamps and lighting controls, we can help you dramatically reduce your energy consumption, as well as the amount of greenhouse gases you generate. Our team can guide you through reducing your energy bills while improving your lighting installation. Couple this with the incentives offered by utility companies, and you will see a sizeable return on your investment.

Energy-Saving Lamps
New lamp technologies are literally changing by the day. There are many new lamp types coming into the marketplace that provide equal or greater light output while using fewer watts. Not only is wattage consumption reduced with these new lamp types, but lamp life is much longer. These lamps not only save a large amount in energy costs, but there is also a huge savings in maintenance costs. We inventory and have the technical expertise to recommend and provide you with the newest lamp technologies that will provide you the best lighting and greatest cost savings for your project or facility.

Geothermal Projects
A rapidly developing area of energy services, geothermal energy—or heat from within the earth—can provide 100 percent of home heating, air conditioning and hot water without using any oil, natural gas or propane. Codale is on the cutting edge of this technology, and can help you explore its potential for your varied needs.

LED Lamps & Lighting
The newest introduction to lighting is the Light Emitting Diode (LED). The LED provides energy savings, long lamp life, and less heat. Not only can we provide you with these new products, but you can see the results for yourself in our new headquarters facility and lighting lab.

Lighting Lab
When designing our previous headquarters facility almost 15 years ago, we had the vision of providing the electrical industry and our community with a state-of-the-art education and training facility for architects, designers, electrical engineers, contractors and students. We wanted to offer a place where these members of our community could see first-hand the dramatic effect that lighting has in a space, as well as on color. Over the years, various universities, colleges and trade schools, and all disciplines of the lighting community, have benefitted from access to the Codale Lighting Lab.

In early 2009, Codale Electric Supply introduced a larger and totally redesigned lighting lab—part of our new 210,000-square-foot headquarters facility—featuring the most up-to-date products for the 21st century. We will continue providing to our industry and community the only lighting lab found in the Intermountain West.

From your home to your place of business, Codale can aid you with the layout and design of all your lighting needs. We are an authorized distributor of all the major lighting manufacturers in North America, with large inventories in all our branch locations.

Lighting Controls
Whether you are looking to enhance your home or office environment or save energy, Codale can provide the expertise to help you with all your dimming and lighting control needs.

Codale offers a wide variety of lighting controls that combine sophisticated design with state-of-the-art technology. These include dimmers, scene controllers, timers, motion sensors, and occupancy sensors. Codale provides quality, innovative lighting controls and advanced lighting control systems for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Solar Technology
Codale Electric Supply offers complete solutions for your solar power and solar heating needs. We carry a full line of products from the top manufacturers in the solar industry.

  • Solar Photo Voltaic
    Codale offers custom designed systems for commercial and residential projects. Our offerings include grid tied systems, battery charging, and stand alone systems. We can help you through the process from design to installation recommendations, and rebate assistance.
  • Solar Thermal
    Codale offers culinary as well as swimming pool heating systems. Contact us for design assistance.


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Retrofit Motion Sensors (Wireless Install!)
A simple way to go green, the new Radio Powr Savr™ from Lutron is an innovative, wireless occupancy and vacancy sensor that installs in minutes to start saving energy when spaces are unoccupied.
>> Lutron Powr Savr Product Brochure (PDF)
Occupant-Sensor Plug Load Controls
A single workspace can consume 1,500 kWh each year with an average cost of $175 (and growing)! The Isolé™ Plug Load Control by WattStopper can dramatically cut this cost with energy savings of up to 50%.
>> WattSstopper Isolé™ Product Brochure (PDF)
  Advance Ballast Checker
Lighting audits have never been easier with Advance's exclusive new Ballast Checker, a convenient, hand-held device that quickly identifies a ballast's technology type for use in confirming ballast status and pinpointing lighting upgrade opportunities.

For more information on these or other products, contact a specialist today at (800) 300-6634 /

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