2011: A Year of Energy Savings
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SALT LAKE CITY - January 18, 2011 – Codale Electric Supply, a leading independent electrical distributor with eleven branch locations in the Intermountain West, today announced a year-long series of trainings, sales promotions and events focused on energy-saving products and technologies.

As part of their “2011: A Year of Energy Savings” program, Codale unveiled a calendar of activities focused around several energy-efficient product categories from lighting—including LED, CFL, skylights and daylight harvesting—to sustainable power management equipment such as switch gear, VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives), transformers, capacitors, soft starts, and power monitoring.

“With the economy still in recovery mode, clearly there isn’t the volume of new construction in our region that we’ve seen in years past,” says Jon Mitchell, Vice President of Sales for Codale Electric Supply. “But this has led many companies to look for ways to retrofit their existing facilities with more energy-efficient systems in order to conserve energy and save money.”

To educate and assist their customers with key energy-saving products, Codale’s year-long series will feature several “Counter Day” events (offered at multiple branch locations), each focused on a unique energy-saving opportunity, from “How to take advantage of utility incentives,” to “How power control products can make your manufacturing process more energy-efficient.” Codale will roll out special sales promotions and offers in time with each product focus, and will end the year with a comprehensive “Energy Fair,” open to the public and planned for early November. Details can be found at www.codale.com/2011YES.

Many Ways to Save Energy—and Money!
“Lighting is one of the easiest areas where an organization can realize energy savings in an existing building,” says Rick Christensen, lighting specialist at Codale. “From LED and compact fluorescent lighting to sensors, dimming and controls, Codale offers a wide range of products by industry-leading manufacturers that can help you start saving money right away.”

With their expansive (210,000 square feet) Salt Lake headquarters building, finished in February of 2009, Codale Electric Supply has more than $21 million in inventory, the largest independent distributor in the region. Codale claims to have “what you need, when you need it.”

Codale is also a leader in emerging energy technologies like skylights and daylight harvesting, and solar electric systems. “We also work closely with local utility providers and can help customers with energy audits, utility incentives, and a full range of solutions for their unique commercial and industrial applications,” adds Christensen.

As the only authorized Rockwell Automation distributor in the region, Codale is an expert in industrial automation solutions, including those designed to promote energy efficiency, like VFDs, soft starts and power monitoring systems. Codale also carries Eaton and Siemens product lines, which offer some of the most advanced and energy-efficient electrical distribution technologies available.

According to Paul Salzetti, Automation Specialist at Codale, U.S. manufacturers spend more than $33 billion on electricity each year. “With the proper planning and system components, manufacturers can realize substantial energy savings through monitoring, analyzing and controlling their energy usage.”

Proof of Delivery
Codale has been involved in several high-profile projects in the Intermountain West, where they have helped organizations conserve energy—and, as a result, money—by way of lighting upgrades, power control solutions and energy management programs. Some of these projects include the Utah Governor’s Mansion, the Utah State Office Building, Energy Solutions Arena, and Spring Mobile Ball Park.

One of the most successful “early-adoptors” in the region has been Salt Lake County, who worked closely with Codale specialists to retrofit the Southtown Expo Center’s lighting systems, replacing 270 1,000-Watt lighting fixtures, each with a 12-lamp high-bay fluorescent fixture, which has resulted in nearly 40% energy savings. Other notable projects for Salt Lake County include the Youth Services Administration Building and the Christmas Box House.

“Codale has been instrumental in our efforts to look at the energy usage at many of our county facilities,” says Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon. “We share a common goal of increased efficiency and decreased usage. Codale’s expertise helped us find a number of options we had across multiple building systems to become more energy-efficient and save money.”

Codale Electric Supply is further unique in that its facilities are actually living showcases of the products and technologies it touts. Instead of opting for conventional (simplified) construction methods—like using consistent lighting fixtures throughout building spaces, for instance—they chose to feature unique lighting fixtures and controls in virtually every workspace for demonstration purposes. There are more than 300 different light fixtures in their new headquarters facility alone, including high-bay fixture types from seven different manufacturer lines in the 151,000-square foot distribution warehouse. Skylights and daylight harvesting technology were also employed in the warehouse area. (Based on a ten-hour work day, it is estimated that daylight harvesting in a space of this size can save in excess of 50% in annual energy costs!)

According to Codale, industry professionals and community members are always welcome to come walk through their facilities to see these products in action.

Codale’s “2011: A Year of Energy Savings”
The format of Codale’s year-long series will feature several Counter Day events, to be held simultaneously at all branch locations, with a unique energy-saving focus as follows:

Date Focus
March 2011 (Details TBA)  Utility Incentives
June 2011 (Details TBA) Power Control Products (Gear, VFDs, Transformers, Capacitors, Soft Starts, Power Monitoring)
August 2011 (Details TBA) Skylights & Daylight Harvesting

Codale will also hold special training events focused on LED Lighting at three different branch locations—Salt Lake City, Ogden and Orem—in mid-September. Dates and details for these events will be added to the campaign website, www.codale.com/2011YES, as they are firmed.

Finally, the program series will culminate with a comprehensive “Energy Fair” to be held at their Salt Lake City headquarters on November 1 and 2. The event will be a repeat of Codale’s inaugural “LED Fair” held in November of 2010, where more than 500 guests gathered for trainings, a vendor show, and product demonstrations on “all things LED.” This year Codale will expand the fair to include additional energy-saving product types, in line with their year-long program focus.

For more information about Codale’s 2011: A Year of Energy Savings program, including event details and current sales promotions, please visit www.codale.com/2011YES.

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